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Many Men Struggle With People Pleasing, At Mens Ascension Project We Teach Men How to Outgrow Their Inner Pleaser Resulting In a Stronger, Grounded and Masculine Man

- Mens Ascension Project.

Problems People Pleasing Causes

Difficulty saying "no" 
Loss of personal time & enjoyment

Strained relationships
lacks genuine connection and intimacy

Validation-seeking Behavior
Loss of trust, respect & attractiveness 

Seek external validation and approval 

Reduced self-esteem and self-confidence

People pleasers prioritize the needs and wants of others and forget about their own desires and dreams. They may give up their goals, interests, and self-care to please others. As time passes, this can make them feel frustrated, dissatisfied, and like they're not reaching their full potential.

Welcome To The Men's Ascension Project
Case Study

Where you will learn the tools and strategies to build the confidance you desire!

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Here is what you'll get from this mentoring

 1-on-1 mentoring for 12 weeks
Rediscover Your Purpose
Develop the best goal-setting strategy 
Tools and strategies to deal with debilitating emotional and mental distress & force emotional growth and development
Become more assertive, decisive & confident
Gain insights into your nervous system and its role in self-sabotage, turning it into a powerful ally. 
Discover effective strategies to cultivate self-respect and establish healthy boundaries.

AND much more...

Our Beginnings

Greetings! I'm Hady, a dedicated explorer of psychology, immersing myself in knowledge for over half a decade. Why? Because I've personally experienced the pain of feeling lost, hurt, insecure, and devoid of ambition.

At the age of 19, I made a promise to find a solution. Through countless books, mentors, and resources, I uncovered something astonishing—the key to human dysfunction: poor self-worth. By healing my self-worth, I transformed my life with confidence, love, respect, and rewards.

Inspired by this profound journey, I founded this company to share this transformation with all men who desire to be more confident, assertive, and desirable. Join me on a Hero's Journey, where you'll:

  • Answer the Call: Break free from doubt, pain, and insecurity, embracing a future of limitless possibilities.

  • Cross the Threshold: Guided by mentors and allies, navigate the challenges that await, illuminating your path.

  • Overcome Trials and Challenges: Conquer obstacles as stepping stones to personal growth and unlock your power within.

  • Embrace Transformation: Cultivate confidence, love, and assertiveness, unlocking your true potential for a successful and fulfilling life.

Life on this side of the journey is better, lighter, and more enjoyable. Embark on this heroic path of self-discovery and empowerment with me. Together, we'll unleash the extraordinary potential within you, creating a life beyond your wildest dreams. The adventure begins now.

In the Boxing Ring

Gabriella R, CA

“Ever since I started working with you my life has started to changed. People are much more attracted to me, its funny how many time people have come up to me just to start a conversation beause my energy is so much lighter. Ive also discovered the life i want to live and taking massive action towards it, i have never had this much clearity & motivation."

Roman B, EU

"Prior to starting this coaching program I have been dealing with issues related to lack of self-identity and sense of purpose. I have learned how to identify my core values, set goals, manage priorities, and just have a better outlook on the world by doing emotional work and focusing on myself. I’m happy to have taken my self-knowledge one step further, while achieving greater intuition, sense of self-confidence and general direction. Great techniques!"

David B, CA

"Hadi is amazing! They helped me feel better about standing up for myself and what I want. I used to feel guilty and ashamed, thinking I always had to put others first to be a good person. But with Hadi's help, I now know it's okay to take care of myself too. I feel  confident and sure of where I'm going. I'm also bravely speaking up in new areas and relationships!"

Men's Transformation Project

Success Begins with a Single Choice

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to change the lives of men who have been misled about their true worth and the immense value they offer the world.

We believe that empowering men in this way is the ultimate act of service and contribution. By helping them recognize their worth, we create a ripple effect that transforms every area of their lives and influences the people around them. It's a chain reaction of positive change, reaching far and wide.

Join us on this transformative journey, where we'll guide you to discover your true potential, cultivate unwavering self-worth, and unleash a powerful impact. Together, we'll reshape the world, one life at a time.

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